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VLP is a clear, high strength leather and vinyl repair kit designed to mend small rips, tears, and holes in most types of vinyl, leather materials, vinyl furniture, awnings, tarpaulins, vinyl sheeting, luggage, rain wear, boots, and dishwasher racks, but has many other applications.

A repair made with VLP is stronger than the original vinyl or leather material. This air dry formula dries clear and blends with coloured materials and is easy to use.

.FlexibleMends rips, tears and holes Use on car seats, boat covers, rainwear, inflatable toysNo heat required Colour – Clear Size – 29ml

VLP actually dissolves the surface of the vinyl and creates an excellent bond when completely dry. On porous fabrics, VLP® creates an excellent mechanical bond, by penetrating the pores of the material

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Weight 140 g