Peerless Bath Splash Guards Shower – White with Silicone Kit



• Shower splash guards
• Contains two splash guards
• Silicone Tube, for irregularities in wall and bath surface
Code 76814WH + s

• Easy to install
• Keep bathroom floors safe and dry.
• Eliminate slippery, wet bathroom floors􀌻
• Prevent mildew and costly damage to floors and walls.
• Clips hold shower curtain securely in place.
• Easy to clean design.
• No tools required.
• Easy to install.
Botton Lenght 138mm
Width 17mm
Height 178mm
Top lenght 45mm

Install one Splash Guard in each outside corner of bathtub/shower alcove.

1: Make sure the tub, tile and wall surfaces are clean and dry to assure lasting adhesion.
2: Spash Guard easily adjust for wall irregularities.
a : If way slant away from tub place Splash Guard on flat surface and extend expansion strip until vertical edge conforms to wall angle.
B: If wall slants toward tub, compress expansion strip until vertical edge conforms to wall.
3: Peel off protective backing from adhesive strip on both horizontal and vertical edges and press Splash Guard firmly into position making firm contact with both tub and wall.
4: Allow adhesive to set 24 hours before using.
5:Extreme irregularities in wall or tub may require caulking / sillison to provide secure installation.
Shower Curtain Clips
Slight shower curtain clip into slot on Splash Guard which faces inside of the bathtub.
Slide click through back of Splash Guard with end of clip curving away from guard
Be sure to clip is pushed in flash with back of guard.
Repeat on second Splash Guard

Additional information

Weight 140 g