Fabric & Upholstery Kit



Repair Fabric Upholstery in your Auto, Home, Business, or anywhere with this simple to use kit… You do not need an extra piece of fabric, no matter how large the damage!
The patented process involves applying one or two layers of clear adhesive to fill in the damaged spot. Then you mix to match the proper colour and apply it to the applicator screen…the screen is placed over the clear adhesive and lightly moved back and forth, thus dispersing the colour fabric fibers over the adhesive. Let the repair dry, and apply a light spray of bonding adhesive. That’s it!!! We give you everything you need in the kit to do a truly professional repair!

This kit contains; 7 Fabric fiber colours, fabric adhesive, spatula, mixing bottle, screen applicator, colour mix chart, and complete instructions. If you need some extra help, call our customer support number, and we will be pleased to assist you.

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Weight 140 g