Underwater Magic – UNDERWATER Adhesive & Sealant – Blue



Underwater Magic is an extremely strong single component adhesive and sealant, designed for a wide variety of tasks in and around wet areas and UNDERWATER.
Free from isocyanate & solvents
100% Silicone free, instantly rainproof,
sea & chlorine water resistant.

• Indoor and outdoor pools in full water contact.
• Fixing and replacement of tiles filling new joints
• Fixing or new joints at the edge of the pool
• Piping and building armatures
• In the insulation technology
• Repair and maintainance in and around wet areas
• Repair of Fish Tanks & Ponds etc

Underwater magic bonds and seals alot of materials:
• Plastics
• Styrofoam
• Metals
• Wood
• Glass and Glass Tiles & Mosaic
• Ceramic and Ceramic Tiles and Mosaic
• Stone, Granite, Conquered…..
Can be bond to each other!!!

Excellent addition on most surfaces without a Primer
Is not affected by:
• Chlorine / salt (sea) water
• Weathering and UV light
• Aliphatic solvents, oils, grease, diluted inorganic acids and alkalis
• Permanently elastic and with good abrasion resistance
• good mechanical properties
• Temperature resistant from – 40°C degrees to +90°C
• For a short time ( 2 to 3 hours) even to +200°C

Additional information

Weight 230 g