Shoe Goo – Clear 109.4 ml (3.7oz )


Colour – Clear

Shoe Repair Glue !! Strong enough for gym and sports shoes !!.
Glue back torn shoes and
secure loose insoles.
Rebuild your worn-out soles overnight.
Seal rubber boots, galoshes,
Coat and protect shoes
Repair damaged heels
Repair toes shoe soles
Coat frayed shoe laces.
Reinforce skate shoes.
Coat skateboards for extra traction

Shoe Goo is a superior no mess adhesive and sealant that easily and permanently repairs all types of footwear. It adheres to all kinds of materials, so use Shoe Goo to mend rubber soles, tears in canvas or leather tops or to stop shoe laces from fraying.
It dries to a waterproof, flexible rubber, so it will repair waders and boots without breaking or cracking. Choose between Black or Clear

Apply directly from the tube to worn out areas and harden overnight.
No mess. Permanent long lasting repair.

Shoe GOO is an adhesive specially formulated with extra abrasion resistance and thickness to extend the life of all kinds of shoes.
Repairs and protects shoes of all types: leather, rubber, canvas, and shoelaces too!

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Weight 140 g