Pratley Powda Bond – Instant Adhesive



Powda Bond is an instant repair system which can be used either as a two part kit for filling gaps or a single adhesive for bonding.

  • Adhesive and powder filler repair kit
  • Can be used as either a two part kit or single adhesive
  • Sets ultra fast
  • Can be painted
  • Can be sanded or filed
  • Can be exposed to water once hardened


  1. Car bumpers.
  2. Damaged wheel caps.
  3. Motor cycle fairings.
  4. Electrical switches.
  5. Damaged Carburettors.
  6. Radiators overflow.
  7. Pool Pump Valves

Pack contains:
1 x Adhesive (Special Grade Super Glue). 1 x White Filling Powder. 1 x Black Filling Powder.

 Sets Ultra Fast.  Can be painted.  Can be sanded or filed.  Can be exposed to water once hardened.  Sticks to most plastics.

 Surface will begin to harden in approximately 15 seconds after all liquid has been absorbed.  Adhesive will harden fully after approximately 30 seconds. (Takes longer in cold weather).

Additional information

Weight 140 g