MARBLE Restore kit



MARBLE Restore kit
To restore the ruined marble and limestone

Where it works
It works on marble, travertine, limestone, compact sandstone is
obtained the mirror polishing.

What is
The kit contains everything necessary to bring a smooth or
rough surface until roughly mirror polishing. The kit also
allows the novice to restore small areas of polished marble
ruined by strong acids, scratches or scaling.

How to use
In relation to the damage to be repaired and the level of finish
you want to get it pass onto the surface from two to four grains
in succession.
To restore a polished marble ruined by scratches or severe
corrosion begins with the plate # 200, continuing with 400 and
800 grit up to 1500 grit and then passing the polishing powder.
The diamond plates are used on wet surface
rubbing in a circular motion with moderate pressure alternating
repeated several times. Given a uniformly smooth area to go to
the next grit until you reach the desired smoothing.
The polishing powder should be passed after the use of the
patch # 1500 grit to get so perfect a real mirror polishing.


Additional information

Weight 140 g