FRYER PUCK – Concentrated Fryer Cleaner Box of 5 Tablets




FRYER PUCK Concentrated Fryer Cleaner 4 oz. Tablets are a heavy duty detergent formulated to meet the toughest cleaning jobs. FRYER PUCK Tablets have excellent cleaning capacity and high soil, fat and grease tolerance. Solutions last longer to give greater economy than ordinary cleaners.

To Clean
•Gas Fryers
•Fish Fryers
•Deep Fryers
•Donut Fryers
•French Fryers
•Chicken Fryers
•Electric Fryers
•Pressure Cookers
•Countertop Fryers
•Tortilla Chip Fryers

Extend Shortening Life, Reduce Energy Costs
Enhance Food Quality, Enhance Food Taste


Better Food Presentation
Better Tasting Food
Better BTU Recovery Rate in Clean Fryer
Reduces Energy Costs in Cooking Cycle
More User-Friendly
Requires Less Storage Space
No Shipment or Storage of Water
Pre-Measured for Proper Cleaning Ratio (eliminating overuse and
mixing errors)
Contain Low Foam Additives to Prevent Fryer Boil Over while Cleaning
Eliminates Contamination compared to Liquid Fryer Boil Out and
Powder Fryer Boil-Out such as:
Contaminated Measuring Devices Left in Cooking Area
Contamination from Foam Boil Over by liquid and powders
(Fryer Pucks have a low foaming additive that prevents boil over)
Eliminates Airborne Contamination Dust while measuring Fryer Boil Out Powder

Additional information

Weight 201 g