Sealant and Adhesive products for the construction and building repair market and materials in construction and building site.

1 DRYLOK Fast Plug Hydraulic Cement 1.5

DRYLOK Fast Plug is ideal for patching leaks in masonry wall joints and settlement cracks. This hydraulic cement sets quickly in 3 - 5 minutes to effectively stop the flow of up to 3,050 lb. of water. Stops active water, even under pressure. It also anchors metal to masonry.

DRYLOK" FAST PLUG HYDRAULIC CEMENTCement that stops the flow of water through cracks and holes Mix with water,Use to patch mortar joints, cracks, and holes in masonry.

Cement that stops the flow of water through cracks and holes
Mix with water, sets in 5 minutes
Use to patch mortar joints, cracks, and holes in masonry
Can be used as an anchoring cement to fix bolts, or hooks
1.5 Lbs.




2 PC-Crete

Bonds to Concrete Bricks and Mortar


PC-Crete is a hand moldable putty epoxy designed for quick emergency-type repairs. PC-Crete™ is formulated with real aggregate to look and feel like concrete. Cut, mix and apply. PC-Crete allows a working time of about 3 minutes and cures for service in 60 minutes.
Hand kneadable putty
For concrete steps, brick, mortar, stucco, curbs, pipe and conduit holes and also for lawn ornaments & statues
Mixes in about 1 min. and cures in 60 min.

Size  1.4 oz



3 PC Concrete Epoxy

Exceptional Strength! Maximum Reliability! High-Heat Deflection!


PC Concrete™ epoxy gel is an anchoring and concrete repair product. PC Concrete™ is formulated for anchoring threaded rods, bolts, rebar dowels and smooth dowels into concrete, grout filled block, and unreinforced masonry. PC Concrete™ has exceptional strength, maximum field reliability, along with a high heat deflection temperature of 134°F, which provides engineers and contractors with a choice for specifying and setting adhesive anchors in elevated temperature environments.

Size  1.4 oz


 PC Concrete™ is excellent for filling and repair cracks in concrete. PC Concrete™ out performs all caulks and hydraulic cement. PC Concrete™ will not come loose from any cleaned concrete surface. PC Concrete™ will hold during expansion and contraction of concrete. PC Concrete™ the best solution for permanent concrete repair.

PC Concrete™ is a two component (1:1 ratio), 100% solids, high modulus, and structural epoxy gel. It is a solvent free, no odor, high strength, moisture-insensitive epoxy. In addition, PC Concrete™ has a long working time (20 minutes at 75°F.), while providing a bolt down/paint time in as little as 4 hours.

PC-Concrete™ has been tested in accordance with the ICC-AC58 Acceptance Criteria for Adhesive Anchors in Concrete and Masonry Elements. PC-Concrete™ is recognized for the following uses: Static Loads, Seismic / Wind Loading, Long Term Creep at Elevated Temperatures, Static Loading at Elevated Temperatures, Damp Holes, Freeze Thaw Conditions, Critical and Minimum Edge and Spacing Distances.

Job site preparation and work flow - to achieve the desired results, carefully follow these procedures!

**Always be sure the hole/crack is prepared in advance before starting a new cartridge. If at all possible, schedule dispensing to consume an entire cartridge at one time with no interruption of epoxy flow.

To achieve maximum flow and reduce fatigue, break off the nozzle to the largest diameter that will fit into the hole/crack or screen. If the hole is 5/8" diameter or larger, snap off the smaller diameter section before using.

Most nozzles snap off to accommodate varying hole diameters and depths.

After cure: Paint, Drill, Machine, Sand, File, Tap, or Saw.

4 Dap Liquid Cement Crack Filler 

Interior/exterior use.
Size : quart.
Color : gray.
Concrete crack filler/repair.
Easy-to-use, ready-mixed product for the repair of cracks in concrete.
Repairs are ready for traffic in 30-45 minutes.
It is self-leveling and dries gray to match most existing concrete.
 11.99  Size 946 ML