Poly-Thane: Get rid of that shiny, artificial look! Are you tired of applying a clear protectant to leather, vinyl and rubber, only to have to do it again a short time later?  - Poly-thane is a permanent natural look .

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beantified leather

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Leather Cleaning Product :- Poly-Thane Protectant


Lifetime Protection with One Application

POLY - THANE is not a polish or wax, but a permannent polyurethane.

One application for permannent clear protection on vinyl, leather and plastic!

Completely waterproof 100% Urethane formula.  "Superior to any other product produces original natural appearance.

For any vinyl, leather and platic, including car seat and tops, dashboards, luggage, car bumpers, briefcases, home furniture, recliners, leather sofas, leather apparel. Restores to new looking condition. A remarkable product often used by professional. !Nothing else like it!!  Patents Pending

Protects against fading sun light, dirt and grime. Can also be used on trainers, shoes and boots.

Poly-Thane: Get rid of that shiny, artificial look! Are you tired of applying a clear protectant to leather, vinyl and rubber, only to have to do it again a short time later?

Well, that can be over, because poly-thane is a permanent, non-silicone clear protectant. That's right...no silicone. This product drys to the original low-sheen satin look of the material. It's a great protectant and beautifier. When dry, it has a natural look. Just apply and let dry. It's that simple!

Use Poly-Thane on all leather and vinyl including furniture, footwear, apparel... all leather and vinyl!

Size 12 oz


Clean surface thoroughly prior to use. Pour into a separate container such as a wax cup and dip rag into container or use brush to apply. Apply in even strokes across surface. POLY - THANE is not a polish or wax, but a permannent polyurethane coat that must be applied evently. To increase gloss, apply additional coats.


2 Blue Magic Leather Cleaner 4oz


Blue Magic  Just for Leather

1 step Cleaning and Conditioning

Cleans, Conditions and Protects

Restores New appearance

Leave leather Soft and supple

Contain the finest natural oil for leather.

Designed to thoroughly clean and condition fine leather.

It penetrates leather thoroughly, nourishing the fibres and protecting the rich look.

Even older dry leather can come alive with regulars use

Also idea for shoes, boots, purse, briefcases, luggage and more






3 Ink and Stain remover  !!! Remove ink from Leather Sofa!!!


Amodex Ink and Stain Remover has been on the market for almost 50 years.

Amodex is rated #1 by the leading consumer magazine and was featured on Good Morning America and The Oprah Winfrey Show.


         Removes :    From:
         All Ink          Skin
         Blood           Leather
         Grass           Fabrics
         Wine            Carpet
         Grease         Surfaces
         Mustard        Upholstery/microsuede
         Coffee          DVD's & CD's
         Make-up       LCD Screens

                                                           ...and more  Size 4 oz

Tips: use old toothbrush or pour over ink stain and let soak for 1-2 hour and wipe off


In stock, Allow 1-3 working days for delivery



Don't panic! Ink stains ranging from permanent and whiteboard markers such as Sharpie and Expo to rollerball & ballpoint can sit on fabric and surfaces for weeks and Amodex will still safely remove it!

DO NOT apply anything else to the ink stain prior to using Amodex, not even water. Avoid using alcohol, hair spray, commercial solvents and other cleaning agents which risk setting the stain. If you've already tried these solutions, Amodex MAY still work!

YES, Amodex can be used on carpeting, wood furniture, delicate fabrics such as wool, cashmere & silk, wood and laminate floors, CD's and LCD screens and even your dog's fur! Amodex's mild, cream formula is non-toxic and gentle enough to use on skin.


4 Hi Gear Sticker & Residue Remover


Sticker and Residue Remover contain a powerful citrus oil formula which attacks the toughest stain and residues. Proven extremely effective on the following

- Stickers                       - Tape Label Adhesive Residue

- Cosmetic Lipstick        -Scuff Marks

- Crayons                       -Gum

-Shoe Polish                  -Paint

-Candle Wax                - Make UP


Sticker and Residue Remover works on glass, wood, carpet, Upholster, clothing, Counter tops Grout, vinyl, metal, Fiberglass  and more.

Do not use on leather, suede or silk.

Size 236ML  8 oz








5 Colorize - Stain Eliminator



Eliminate Stains Permanently on just about anything when stain cleaner would work!       

"Just colour over the stain."

Comes with 7 intermixable colours, colour mixing guide, applicator, spatula, mixing cup and instructions.

Great for:

Carpet, Sofas , Chairs, Jackets, Coats , Drapes , Bedspreads , Auto Interiors , RV Interiors , Clothing, Partitions , Hats , Footwear


Colorize is the answer to removing almost any stain on almost anything. Colorize doesn't actually get rid of the stain, it colours over the stain and permanently eliminates it when cleaners and stain removers can't remove them.

The 7 colour dyes included with the kit mix to all popular shades and colours.

Mix and match the item colour then Just apply one or two coats of colour over the stain, and it's gone. You have colour over the stain, and eliminated it. It matches most popular textures as well. Water resistant.

In stock, Allow 1-3 working days for delivery

6 Carpet Stain and Spot Lifter 4oz


Blue Magic Carpet Stain and Spot Lifter 4oz

Works where others fail
Instantly removes coffee, blood, grease, tar, pet stains and dozens more
#904, net wt. 4FL. OZ. (118mL) Pump Spray